My Memory on Dragana – My Previous Student (from late 80-ties) At that time I was Professor of Organic Chemistry and Dragana (now Mrs. Dragana Van de moortel-Ilic) was a graduate and later postgraduate student in our Department of Organic Chemistry (University of Novi Sad). It was the time when we worked on an interesting project initiated from a private entrepreneur. I clearly remember that she was definitely different from a typical Chemistry graduate student. Her thinking, her interests and her social behavior were definitely of “Out-of-the-Box” type. And it looked to me then that she would find “Her Own Way” in her life - which eventually happened! Dragana – You are doing great – and I wish you to continue Your Mission!
Dr Dušan Miljković
San Diego, USA

Best wishes, (Dr. Dusan Miljkovic)

It has been my great pleasure to have known Dragana for about 25 years, as both valued friend, esteemed professional colleague and translator of one of my books. When we first met, I was touched by her presence as a warm, articulate, expressive and engaging human being with a compassion borne out of rich life experience. Since then, I have felt joy and admiration at Dragana’s capacity to honour and develop her excellence in her chosen work as consultant, teacher and, more recently, in the academic field. She is a superb role model for her students!
Melanie Reinhart
"It has been a privilege to count Dragana among the many teachers I have been studying with during my lifetime. A bright spirit, warm personality, and very intelligent woman, she is a true sage who also knows humor. Dragana encourages her students to think independently and to find their own deeper truth. Her multicultural background and play field add to the richness and profound understanding of the human psyche, stories, and potential. Her private consultations have contributed to a deeper understanding of the processes I found myself if. With her excellent analytical mind, she asks striking questions, while never judging the decisions or opinions of her client." ,