Consultations and coaching

Using a variety of astrological and psychological tools, I seek to awaken an awareness of strengths and weaknesses of my clients, and to unfold their potential on different levels.  Looking at the birth chart, we go into the symbolic meaning of the lace-work of the stars at the moment of our birth and engage in the vertical connection between the cosmos up above and the cosmos inside us – trying to create the best of what we see in the stars in our own lives here on earth. Interpreting the symbolic, mythological and spiritual dimensions of the chart, I invite my clients to gain deeper understanding of the situations they find themselves in and make the best possible balance between heaven and earth.  Sometimes we speculate on the possible meaning of these situations, but I try to enable my clients to make up their own opinion based on objective reasoning, and to consider emotional difficulties or complex circumstances through alternative ways.

The scope of our discussions might vary widely: from inner potentials, personal relationship, family patterns and a wide range of vocational issues, to business, electional and mundane astrology. I cannot predict the future but, together, we can see things differently, bringing to the surface what was previously in the subconscious mind and interpreting the language of the planets in a manner that suits the meaning and feelings of my clients.


I recommend a direct personal meeting, but if this is not possible we can “meet” in cyberspace using Skype. I need to know your birth date, place and time in advance, as well as a short explanation about your reasons for booking a consultation.  The waiting time can vary according to my personal engagements: from a few weeks to a few months!  Every consultation can be recorded in mp3 format and together with the recording you could, for an extra fee, receive a computer-made text of your chart interpretation and transits for a particular period of time.


The duration of a session is between 1h and 1h30 minutes, and prices vary according to the needs of clients. Prices for personal consultations start at 85€, and for business astrology at 100€. Once we arrange a meeting I will send you instructions for an advance payment.

Lectures, workshops, webinars

During the school year I give various lectures, courses and workshops in the field of astrology and personal development in Serbian, Dutch and English.  Please look at my agenda for details.  If you are Serbian / Croatian / Bosnian / Montenegrin speaking and you would like to attend webinars with lectures on astrological themes, please contact me and I will inform you about future webinars.  For courses and lecture in Belgium please visit our website.

Academic work

For my academic work I do research on cosmological elements in Serbian medieval churches, connecting them to the core of Orthodox theology and bioethics.  I am very happy to share my knowledge and give lectures about my findings. Please contact me if you are interested in organizing a lecture for me.