For much of my life I have enjoyed learning and teaching.  My motto has always been: ‘Wisdom will set you free’.  In the late 80s, and beginning of the 1990s, I worked at the University of Novi Sad in the Department of Organic Chemistry at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.  My work focused on the synthesis of organic compounds. Working in the laboratory I learned to argue not only about possible meanings of chemical reactions in test tubes, but also about human behaviour and reactions between people.  With wise and enthusiastic support from Dr Dušan Miljković, Dr Miroslav Pergal and Dr Smiljana Velimirović,  I developed the courage to go beyond the parameters of the laboratory and begin my own unique journey.  This led me to explore the wisdom of astrology on one side and the real world through travelling to London on the other. Searching for ultimate truths about the world around me I have found out that it is wise to refrain from  jumping to conclusions. Instead I believe that I must carefully observe facts and reflect upon them before making up my mind.  I have also learned to tune into my intuition and follow my instincts before addressing the meaning of situations I was involved in or decisions I made.

In the 90s I studied astrology with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London  and at the same time I developed my own astrological practice in Novi Sad.  The professional training of the Faculty, and contacts and collaboration with many renowned astrologers, taught me to observe how asking appropriate questions could evoke a change in consciousness.  I realise now that the knowledge which arises within me has the power to effect changes. I see that miracles can happen in life, not by making magic rituals but by allowing magic to happen through engaging in inner healing and embracing the element of the unexpected in life.

One of the wonderful teachers that influenced my way of thinking, supported me and inspired me was  Melanie Reinhart whose book ‘Chiron and the Healing Journey’ I translated into Serbian and published. 

Living in Yugoslavia after its painful separation into different republics, inevitably I experienced a lot of pain. Working with people in the same boat, I realised that when we are clear about our own life situations, that clarity is reflected in our inner world and, as a result, we go forward creating and following our own new dreams.

In 1999, a few days before NATO’s aggression against Serbia, a wonderful man called Koen Van de moortel from Belgium, asked me to marry him and together we set up house in his country where we now live together with our son.  Being split between two totally different cultures (Serbian and Flemish), I experienced a great deal of challenge in order to gain a deeper in understanding of our differences and to find my own place without being judgemental.

My husband and I started our own freelance activities, offering a wide spectrum of services: from CD-ROM Serbian language, via the school of astrology, to professional photography (www.astrovdm.com).   From 2002 I started to work as a mentor for the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and from 2009 at the Institute for Psychological Astrology and Psychoanalysis in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

From Belgium my journey expanded and moved on to new horizons, most notably, the visual exploration of frescoes with cosmological elements in medieval Serbia.  In 2015 I obtained an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.  At the graduation ceremony in Lampeter I was enormously honoured to be introduced with my dissertation to the Patron of the University – HRH the Prince of Wales.  Thanks to the professional support of my mentors, Dr Nicholas Campion and Dr Darrelyn Gunzburg, I am now pushing out further to research the world of Serbian medieval frescoes and studying Orthodox theology at the Institute of The Apostle Paul in Ghent, Belgium.   

With the Prince of Wales
Open Day, Faculty of Astrological Studies, London
Giving a lecture in the Summer School of the Faculty of Astrological Studies in Oxford
With tutors of the Faculty of Astrological Studies
Summer School, Faculty of Astrological Studies, Oxford
With my students Manca and Aleksandra, IPAL, Ljubljana
A public lecture in Ghent, Belgium
Angel Sophia builds iself a temple

My appearance on Serbian TV Pink 3, 10th April 2017